Paint Correction Systems


Paint Correction Systems/Pure Porsche Detailing

Paint Correction Systems, professional high class detailing since 1992. New in Spain, before in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. One of the best in whole Costa Calida. 


Our specialities:

* Full paint correction 

* High Class Detailing

* Wet Sanding (with polishing for mirror effect on your car)

* Headlight restoration
* Detail #Academy Murcia (Training of InnovaCar, Fra-Ber car detailing products and 3D Car Detailing products)

* Official Retailer of #InnovaCar (Fra-Ber) made in Italy, car care products also for professionals. 

* Retailer 3D HD Car Care products made in America, for professional detailers/ body shops, (#Talleres, Chapa y Pintura) , 3D Car Care España

* Pure #Porsche Detailing

* Perfect #Oldtimer Detailing


* NEW, we come to you for the treatment of your car. 


* Special conditions for car dealers.