Paint Correction Systems


Paint Correction Systems/Pure Porsche Detailing

Paint Correction Systems, professional high class detailing since 1992. In Murcia - Spain /Antwerp - Belgium / France and the Netherlands. 


Our specialities:

* Full paint correction 

* High Class Detailing

* Wet Sanding (with polishing for mirror effect on your car)

* Headlight restoration
* Detail #Academy Murcia (Training of InnovaCar, Fra-Ber car detailing products and 3D Car Detailing products)

* Retailer 3D HD Car Care products made in America, for professional detailers/ body shops, (#Talleres, Chapa y Pintura) , 3D Car Care España

* Pure #Porsche Detailing

* Perfect #Oldtimer Detailing


* NEW, we come to you for the treatment of your car. 


* Special conditions for car dealers.