Ceramic coating

Is your car already protected with a ceramic coating? 

No?"Why?" you would ask now. Any car that is now driving around in winter weather. 

Because of rain, wind, cold, snow, ice, mud, the salt they sprinkle on the road ...  It doesn't affect the paint immediately, believe it or not, but it does over time. Especially because you will be cleaning your car less in the winter.The paint becomes duller, more scratches, the varnish layer becomes thinner.

"Yes, but we live in Spain, is that necessary?"

Of course. You notice that the climate is gradually changing. There can also be a lot of rain here, at the moment it is snowing in half of Spain. 

They now also sprinkle salt on the roads. We all drive over that. But the intense heat of the sun in the summer can also affect your car. You have undoubtedly seen them driving, the cars where the varnish layer has come off completely, especially on the hood and roof part.

What do we mean by protecting the paint?

Everyone knows the wax, sealer, etc. These are all temporary paint protectors.With a ceramic coating, the paint of the car is protected much longer, which you do not wash off the next wash.It is, as it were, a very thin layer of varnish that is applied extra on top of the layer of varnish after a complete paint correction. (remove scratches)

Our slogan is "Better prevention than having your car completely repainted"

Is much cheaper and with proper maintenance you only have to have your car treated once a year. 

You have ceramic coating for:

- the paint of the car. You can choose between several hardness of ceramic coating.

- plastic parts of the car

- window coating

- rims coating

- Textil coating (for the cabrio roofs)

Interior coating

  • Textil coating   (seats, carpets)
  • Plastic coating     
  • Leather coating  
  • Anti fog  windows

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