Oldtimer package

You undoubtedly want to enjoy your oldtimer / classic car for a long time.


The respect and love you have for your car is the respect and passion with which we bring old-timers back to their old glory.


Old timers need a different approach than the cars that are made now.

The paint is different and should also be treated with other materials and products.

Oldtimers have more chrome work, have much more fragile pieces and ask a lot of time and the greatest care to bring it back to its original state. Are there parts to the car that can not be treated, let us know this too. All this is discussed beforehand with the possibilities for this. The patina in the paint can be retained. (also keeps the value of the car)

However, if there are parts that you would like to have sprayed, we can also take care of that. We work together with a specialized company that makes the color custom and also injects the parts in perfection.

We can also fully take care of the interior, including coloring of the leather interior. This completely according to your wishes.

For the old-timer package an appointment is made to make a diagnosis on the spot at your home and give you a quote by mail.

If you have a fleet with old-timers that needs to be serviced, we can also make a quotation for you.


Below you can find an example of what is possible for your car.

Mercedes 420 SL

You can also find various examples on our youtube channel.