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We cannot give a perfect price list. 

Because every car is different (hard paint, soft paint, large car, small car etc ...) and therefore must be treated differently.
That is why we only have price on request.


We use different formulas and prices for car dealers / bodywork companies. We work on a freelance basis.

Basic Paint Correction package:

If you have lot's of minor scratches or many swirls (of washing the car, carwash) on your car, the paint looks dull and isn't easy to wash. If the car is in the sun it's like the car is in "3D" is like we call it. 

This package is the perfect package for the treatment of your car.

= 2 or 3 steps correction (different because not all paints of the cars are the same) + sealer/montana wax. 

(= Correction of paint between 70 - 85%)

Price: on demand


Full Paint Correction package:

Ideal for those who wants there car almost like new again.

For this treatment we need the car a few days, depends on the state of the paint.

Every plastic part or chrome will be treated with special products to restore them in the original state.

= 4 or 5 steps correction (different because not all paints of the cars are the same) + sealer/montana wax 

(= Correction of paint between 90 - 95%)

Price: on demand

Full Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating package:

This package is the same package like the Full Paint Correction package, except instead of a sealer or montana wax, we put a ceramic coating on it.

A ceramic treatment will give the car a lasting protection and an impressive visual finish, providing a shimmer and an enviable mirror effect. In addition, it has assets that facilitate the cleaning process once the treatment has been applied. The hydrophobic effect is very high, repelling external contaminants such as mosquitoes, bird droppings, resins, silicones, etc. 

Our ceramic coatings are one of the best in the world, only certified detailers are allowed to place them. 

Also the window, rims, plastic parts on the car get a treatment plus 

Price: on demand


New Car Package with ceramic coating

You have ordered a new car or have you already picked it up from your dealer?


Have you checked whether a paint protection has already been put on your car?

From the factory, this is no longer done. At the dealer, all plastic packaging etc is removed and washed. This can happen that your car already has slight scratches.

This because there is no protection on the paint. If you do not give the lacquer a protective layer, there will be more and more scratches and after a year that radiant paint is already a little dull and washing the car is a little less easy.


That is why we offer you a New Car Package.

This will fully protect both the paintwork and the windows and rims. Optionally, if there are exterior plastic parts, also put in the coating. More information about coatings can be found under Coatings.

If you would like more information about this New Car Package, do not hesitate to call or email us today.

Every car deserves to shine and to be protected.


Example of the treatment you can find on our YouTube Channel.

Price: on demand


Special cars, classic cars, exotic cars

Price on demand