The interior sometimes requires more attention than one might think.

It's not just vacuuming, dusting and windows.

No, if you really want to remove the bacteria, you need deep cleaning.

Some products can give off harmful fumes and can sometimes cause allergies or even make your animal sick.

That is why we only work with environmentally and animal friendly products, harmless to humans and animals.

We recommend that everyone has a complete interior cleaning carried out by us at least twice a year. If you take care of your car every week, the bacteria or other substances that can cause allergies have no chance.

Every part of the interior will be cleaned. Even the smallest places.

Cleaning the leather with special products. 

Before and after a complete interior cleaning.

Options for interior cleaning

  • Small interior cleaning = 

                         * Vacuuming

                         * Dusting

                         * Window cleaning         

  • Full interior cleaning = 

                         * Vacuuming

                         * Dusting 

                         * Deep cleaning textil or leather seats and nourishing the leather with special leather                             creme (option leather or textil coating)

                         * Deep cleaning carpets (option textil coating)

                         * Cleaning every plastic part of the interior and nourishing.  (option plastic coating)

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