New Car Package 

You have ordered a new car or have you already picked it up from your dealer?


Have you checked whether a paint protection has already been put on your car?

From the factory, this is no longer done. At the dealer, all plastic packaging etc is removed and washed. This can happen that your car already has slight scratches.

This because there is no protection on the paint. If you do not give the lacquer a protective layer, there will be more and more scratches and after a year that radiant paint is already a little dull and washing the car is a little less easy.

That is why we offer you a New Car Package.

This will fully protect both the paintwork and the windows and rims. Optionally, if there are exterior plastic parts, also put in the coating. More information about coatings can be found under Coatings.

If you would like more information about this New Car Package, do not hesitate to call or email us today.

Every car deserves to shine and to be protected.

Example of the treatment you can find on our YouTube Channel.

Prices starts from 1000€

PCS - Paint Correction Systems / Pure Porsche Detailing

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