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Pure Porsche Detailing

Already over the years, we have received many beautiful Porsches in our studio for a fully detailing.

We are specialized in Porsche detailing.


Pure Porsche Detailing


is a part of Paint Correction Systems, exclusively for Porschists.

Give your car the treatment and protection it deserves and you can enjoy a radiant car for life.


Both new cars, classic and oldtimers are handled with the utmost care.

Together with the client we discuss which treatment suits your car best and we listen to your wishes. The possibilities are endless.


You can contact us for:

* analysis of the paint

* clay

* paint-correction

* polishing

* retouching of any minor damage to the paint (made by color at Taller Vinaixa)

* exterior coating / interior

* clean wheels

* cleaning wheel arch

* spray the tambours, polish the calipers or spray (in the desired color made at Taller Vinaixa)

* coating rims

* cleaning of engine compartment

* re-coloring leather interior

* put concours ready


More info / prices can be obtained by filling in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.