Recolor Leather

No matter how careful drivers and passengers are, leather car seats will always experience a certain level of wear and tear over time. 

This wear and tear can alter the appearance of leather, making it appear damaged or faded. Any light scuffs, stains and/or scratches become highly visible and maybe even considered an eyesore to drivers and passengers. 

Leather seats before and after

Leather stearingwheel before and after

Typical color damage of the leather seats. Before and after.


The leather interior of the Volvo was after 260,000 km in need of a refreshment of the leather. The leather was dirty, dried out and the paint had already disappeared in various places. After cleaning and degreasing, the color was made to measure in our workshop. 

 The coloring is done in different steps. The end result, the leather seats look like new again. 

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