Terms of condition


Art. 1
These general terms and conditions apply to every purchase-sale agreement by a visitor of this website, hereinafter referred to as "customer", concluded with Paint Correction Systems owner of webshop on the site https://www.paintcorrectionsystems.com, VAT-nr: ESY5884561W. These general terms and conditions always take precedence over all other terms and conditions of the customer. Additional conditions of the customer are excluded, unless these have been accepted by us in writing beforehand.

Art. 2
An agreement is valid when electronically forwarding the order by clicking on the "Agree for this order" hyperlink, or by sending an email that contains an order.

Art. 3
Although our model contracts are carefully edited by us, it is possible that, due to the nature of the product, a model contract that you have purchased does not fully meet your requirements or is not specifically adapted to your situation. In this case, we disclaim any liability to us and we would like to point out that you bear full responsibility for the use of these model contracts.

Art. 4
It follows from the nature of the model contracts that they are sold that they cannot be returned, so that you, in accordance with art. 80 §4, 2 ° Trade Practices and Consumer Information Act does not have a right of withdrawal. Every purchase-sale is final from the conclusion of the agreement and is not subject to any reflection period.

Art. 5
Payment is always made via bank transfer (home banking) or PayPal. Every order is immediately payable at the time the agreement is concluded. When paying by bank transfer you will receive the ordered products only after receiving the amount due.

Art. 6
The execution of the agreement normally takes place almost immediately after payment via credit card or confirmation of payment via transfer. However, any delay in implementation does not give the right to compensation where appropriate. In the case of payment via bank transfer, the delivery of the ordered products takes place within five working days after crediting our account. In this case too, some delay in implementation does not entitle you to compensation.

Art. 7
All disputes arising from this agreement are governed by Spanish Low. The District Court of Murcia is competent for all disputes arising from this agreement.

Art. 8
With every electronic order of products, the customer expressly declares that he agrees with these general terms and conditions by checking the "Accept" checkbox. An electronic order without this agreement is technically impossible, except for fraud, so that these conditions are always binding on the customer.


Duration of the treatment is discussed in advance with the customer.

All services are performed in consultation with the customer at the agreed date and time.

After the treatment of the car, every customer is informed how to further maintain the car, such as which products can be used to wash the car, which products should not be used as it can destroy the treatment that the car has undergone. And can even cause damage to the paint or plastic parts of the car.
It is also recommended to wash the car every other week, at home and if not at home, in a self-wash. Never drive through the carwash, this will damage the paintwork of the car.


If the customer has a complaint about the services performed on the car, they must be reported to Paint Correction Systems within fourteen days.
So that the problem can be solved in time.

Under no circumstances will refunds be made on complaints reported after fourteen days.

Under no circumstances will refunds be made if the customer after the treatment has not followed the washing instructions that have been communicated or has used incorrect products.

We will handle every complaint at all times.
We will find a suitable solution for every well-founded complaint and discuss this with the customer.