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Innovacar / Fra-Ber car care products

InnovaCar / Fra-Ber Car Car products. This exclusive line of car care products is made and fully tested in Italy. Ones you try them you going to love them and you want anything else.


Innovacar says the name itself is innovation!

The Innovacar detailing line is inspired by the already famous multi-year history in the cleaning of Fra-ber , using its patents on enzymes, but improving even more the efficiency and quality of raw materials.

The first guarantee that Fra-Ber offers its customers is the extension of the complete production cycle  which takes place completely within the company.

Each  step is characterized by quality, the focal point of each operational and production phase.

Our spirit is constantly directed towards product and material progress and innovation .

Within the company there is constant attention to research and development. A challenge is posed every day at an advanced internal research center: the transformation of every idea into a product.

In the Detailing line the best is sought not only in the formulation of the products but also in their aesthetics. Each item is unique on the market in all its aspects: materials, shapes, technologies, design, packaging ... all made in Italy.

Thanks to the patent on enzymes this line can guarantee a strong washing power in detergent products by eliminating EDTA, NTA and Phosphorus, thus making all the products of the line safe for the vehicle, the environment and the user.



Car care products : interior - exterior

Polish Innovacar | Fraber


Special package

display innovacar | Fra-ber

Easy to assemble display, perfect to optimize the space in shops, supermarkets and service stations.

It allows you to expose any product from the Innovacar line.

Possibility to add wheels to the base of the single display.


Order your own InnovaCar display for your shop. 

On demand

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